Assessment Policy

Assessment Policy

Assessment and Internal Verification

Assessment and Internal verification are major aspects of quality assurance that relates to day to day delivery and assessment of all qualifications through York Holistic Training. Assessment is an on-going process and is supplemented with Internal Verification that ensures that assessment decisions are consistently accurate and at the appropriate standard. The Internal Verifier (IV) is a key person in ensuring that when certification is claimed for a candidate, it reliably marks the achievement of National Standards. This is a policy which applies to all appropriate VTCT learning programmes that are offered through York Holistic Training.


Assessors of VTCT and Active IQ units must be appropriately qualified and/or experienced to deliver and assess the relevant units. Assessment must be conducted according to the VTCT/Active IQ awarding guidelines and assessors are required to use assessment guidelines stated within the VTCT/Active IQ programme specification.

Internal Verification

Internal verification is an internal quality assurance process to ensure that assessment is completed fully, accurately and on time in accordance with VTCT /Active IQ policies and regulations. All Internal verifiers must adhere to the guidelines laid out in the relevant VTCT /Active IQ documentation.

Internal verification will involve a person other than the original assessor checking that assignments and assessment decisions are accurate and valid. Internal verification will be carried out by persons identified in the course validation documentation. All internal verifiers will comply with York Holistic Training’s internal verification policy and adhere to VTCT/Active guidelines.

Internal verification involves:

Checking of all assignment briefs against unit specifications prior to use with feedback to tutors on how briefs should be improved if necessary. All programmes will follow York Holistic Training’s internal verification policy.

Monitoring the accuracy of assessors’ decisions for every unit and providing appropriate feedback to assessors with an action plan where necessary.

Ensuring that internal verification procedures and records are completed on time for units being sampled by the external verifier.

Internal verification will ensure that all assignments will be internally verified at the appropriate levels.

Where a unit is assessed through several assignments a matrix is to be used to ensure coverage of all the criteria through the briefs.

Evidence will be made available to show how internal verification has taken place.

For verification purposes some formal practical assessments may be recorded.