Working Hands Free

_wsb_342x76_handsfree1This course addresses the problems that massage practitioners can experience by overusing and straining their wrists, fingers and thumbs. We often see therapists having to reduce their workload due to poor posture, backache and repetitive strain to thumbs and wrists, especially from deeper work.

The main purpose of Working Hands Free is to effectively increase oxygen flow in the blood and release toxins from muscles by utilising tools other than our hands and thumbs.
This course covers a variety of techniques which allow you to work deep into muscles, without putting extra pressure on your own body.

Course Content

  • Introduction to concept of hands free massage
  • Benefits and effects of the treatment
  • Health and Safety
  • Materials, equipment and products
  • Incorporating these techniques into your existing treatments
  • Deeper tissue work, using forearms and elbows
  • Safe methods of applying pressure using your body weight
  • Safe ways of working to protect your hands, where elbow and forearm techniques are not appropriate
  • Adapting pressure for different clients
  • An explanation of contraindications and treatment safety
  • Knowledge of expected outcomes from the treatment
  • Consultation and record keeping
  • How to use your body correctly, including posture, breathing and use of body weight


Assessment takes place throughout with a final practical completed at the end of the day to confirm knowledge and understanding.



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