Kinesio Taping

There is currently a live on-line/Zoom, fully accredited, version of this course available at a reduced price of £100!

Kinesiology taping is quickly becoming a popular skill  in the ‘toolbox’ for both manual therapists and personal trainers alike.  As well as seeing high profile sports men and women wearing the tape during both training and competition, the tape is now commonly applied in both the clinic room and, arguably less effectively, by amateur athletes and non-sports related sufferers of muscle injury and dysfunction.

Research suggests that kinesiology taping works best when combined with other physical therapies, with some of the reported benefits being;  a reduction in perceived pain, a reduction in oedema, increased proprioception, normalisation of muscle function/dysfunction (and as such maximisation of range of movement at joints), and the prevention of and acceleration of recovery from injury.

On this course you will learn a range of different methods of applying kinesiology tape (KT) in order to facilitate these benefits, together with the principles behind them.   Common injuries and muscular dysfunctions will be treated with KT throughout the day, with the ultimate aim being for you to be able to confidently and effectively apply these principles for different purposes across the body post course.

Course Content

  • History and development
  • Benefits and effects
  • Choosing an appropriate KT
  • Contraindications and indications for treatment
  • Principles behind different taping methods
  • Practical application of KT for common injuries and muscle dysfunctions – to incorporate a range of aims of application
  • Related anatomy and physiology

Assessment and Certification

Informal assessment takes place throughout the day with 1 day Diploma certifications being issued to all learners who exhibit the minimum level of practical competence and knowledge and understanding.

Pre-Requisite Qualifications

Although ideal for L3 or above Sports Therapists and Personal Trainers, this course has no minimum requirement.  However, a basic level of anatomy, physiology and joint function is highly recommended. 

INTRODUCTORY PRICE for September and November Courses

All Subsequent Courses £130
The course price includes 2 rolls of KT and course manual


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Tuesday 5th May Sorry this course is now postponed ………. but we are offering an on-line course covering the same content for the reduced cost of £100,  live via Zoom on ……

Thursday 14th May:    If you cannot attend the live Zoom you are able to access a video of the live sessions and work through the material in your own time.


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