Hot Stone Massage

_wsb_193x145_hot+stone+2Hot stone massage combines the benefits of hydrotherapy and thermotherapy with massage strokes, using stones to create a deep, relaxing and healing treatment.

Using the heat of the stones to warm the skin allows the skin to absorb moisturizing and therapeutic oils, while at the same time preparing the musculature of the body so the therapist can work into the deeper layers of muscle and fascia.

It is generally accepted that one stroke of a heated basalt stone is equivalent to 5-10 strokes of the therapists hand!

Course Content

  • Health & Safety
  • Professional ethics
  • Hygiene
  • Skin diseases and disorders
  • Contra-actions and Contra-indications
  • History of Hot Stone Massage
  • Preparation of client including consultation & record keeping
  • Materials, equipment & products
  • Marketing
  • Practical demonstration of Hot Stone Massage techniques
  • Client after-care


Assessment takes place throughout with a final practical completed at the end of the day to confirm knowledge and understanding.

Pre-requisite Qualifications:
L3 Massage and L3 Anatomy and Physiology or equivalent




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Thursday 28th April

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